15 Dec 2017

Listen to exclusive new GOAT track on the short movie 'Killing Gävle'

Goat were approached by film maker Joe Fletcher to write a track for his short film called Killing Gävle.

The band obliged and wrote quite possibly their best ever track, entitled 'Let it Burn'.

Goats music is present throughout the whole film but it is at the stories climax at 16:20 when you will hear a short edit of the track 'Let it Burn'.

You can watch the film in all it's glory exclusively over at The Guardian now: The Guardian.


Info about the film:

In Sweden, the goat traditionally pulls Santa's sleigh and has come to symbolise Christmas. Gävle's businesses believe the square effigy brings both local families and tourists to the city, boosting the economy. But other people in the dark forests surrounding the city hold a different view. Their traditions date back to pre-Christian times, when Swedish people worshipped Norse gods – including the goat Heidrun, the goddess of enlightenment, and Thor, the god of thunder, who rode two goats. Each night he would burn and eat them, only for them to be reborn the following morning to pull his his chariot once more.

The pagans believe that the Christians of Gävle unknowingly build this giant statue to the Norse gods, so each Christmas they must try to burn it down before the end of the year, ensuring the return of the sun and another good year of harvests.

So each year, the people of Gävle corral around the goat, protecting its Christmas symbolism from the pagan outsiders who make their way to the square to try to burn the goat down.

Info about the writer/director:

Studied film at The Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia before moving to LA to become the self help guru Buck Sterling for the pilot of his uncomisioned C4 series Pro$perathon.

Now as a filmmaker and DJ he makes documentaries about the strange and wonderful worlds, stories and musicians that his every growing record collection reveals to him.

His first feature American B-Side is the story of his heartbroken 2001 crate-digging journey across the American South discovering the incredibly bizarre life stories of forgotten, amateur musicians, (including Christian Ventriloquists, Amputee Fiddlers and Anti-Evolution rock and rollers). It won best Cinematography at Chicago International last year and is about to go to market with Bedlam Productions. To accompany the film he made a series of radio shows about some of the musicians for BBC World Service, this was also broadcast on Radio 4.

For the last 9 years he has run a giant cruise ship stage at Glastonbury Festival which nightly sails its party goers to exotic musical shores.

Next up are two feature docs both of which will be coproduced by his new Barcelona production company Simulacra. The first is the strange, poignant story of a suitcase full of body parts that washed ashore beside a lake in Austria in 2015 and the other, filmed in The Congo, follows the pupils of a school housed in the ruins of former President Mobutu’s jungle palace as they learn and perform Macbeth.


14 Dec 2017

More band additions, DJs and visuals announced for Rocket Recordings Twenty

We are pleased to announce the last additions to the Rocket Recordings Twentieth Anniversary event at The Garage in London on 9-11 March:

Bonnacons of Doom
Nothing is... (Cherrystones/Jamie Paton/Mike Keeling/Chris Reeder)
Teeth of The Sea
John O’Carroll / Sam Wiehl 

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Bonnacons of Doom
We are happy to reveal that Rocket Recordings are going to be releasing Bonnacons of Doom’s debut album in 2018. So to celebrate this impending union the Liverpool collective will bring their unique take on rhythmic heavy psych to our birthday celebration. This elusive and constantly evolving collective harness the ritualistic and cathartic power of repetition, monstrous riffs and squalls of atonal noise. Blending vocals ranging from hypnotic mantras to explosive psychic outbursts with brutal rhythmic pummeling and glacial electronics, the Bonnacons have been making waves in the UK underground through a series of explosive festival shows and site-specific performances. 

With 3 albums, 2 EPs and a compilation on labels like Höga Nord and Adrian Recordings already behind them, Ved are the latest addition from the amazing and fruitful Swedish scene to join the Rocket event. The 5 piece who create trance inducing, repetitive psych with genre hoping global influences have recorded a killer new EP that Rocket will also be releasing in 2018. It is a stunning record and one we can’t keep off the Rocket stereo - their live set is definitely going to be one not to miss. One for all you Instant Classic, Joshua Abrams and Bitchin Bajas fans.

H and Uiutna  from French (formally Bristol) label Zam Zam and London artist Mark Wagner make up the three piece that is H.U.M. Rocket released the trio’s debut album in 2016 and we are ecstatic they they have agreed to come together and play a very rare live show at the Rocket event. Expect organic grooves, electronic drones, static noise and skewed, psychedelic rap. Another Rocket band determined not to tread paths already trodden and to push sounds into new places.


Nothing is...
A London based collective that includes:
Cherrystones – the UK DJ legend (also known as Godsy to many) whose taste and knowledge in jaw dropping music is second to none.
Jamie Paton – the regular Rocket remixer (Goat/Gnod/Teeth of the Sea etc) and one half of Cage and Aviary has released his unique take on wonky, cosmic grooves via prestigious labels like Höga Nord, DFA amongst many others.
Mike Keeling – also known as ‘Little Dirty’ is the man behind the great NTS show ‘Music to Ease your Disease’. Expect everything from spiritual jazz to ambient noise, to heavy psychedelic techno and everything inbetween, before and after.
Chris Reeder – one half of Rocket Recordings, Chris was the man who put the ‘Nothing is...’ collective together for their 4 year residency at Dalstons Alibi.

Other DJs
Also happy to announce that Teeth of the Sea and Gnoomes will be taking over the role of entertaining you with their music choices during the weekend, with some other DJ surprises still to come.

John O’Carroll & Sam Wiehl visuals
A Rocket event wouldn’t be complete without visuals! And Rocket’s very own Johnny O who cut his teeth being the main ‘flapping lens man’ for The Heads and subsequently bands like Beak (and most the Rocket roster) is joining forces with Sam Wiehl  - the audiovisual wizard behind Liverpool Psych Festival's mind expanding visuals. This is the first time these two have collaborated and what an exciting prospect that is.

So the final line up of #RocketTwenty now looks like this:

Goat – Gnod – Josefin Öhrn – Hills – Teeth of the Sea – Hey Colossus – Anthroprophh – Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Temple Ov BBV – Julie's Haircut – Housewives – Gum Takes Tooth – Gnoomes – Flowers Must Die – VED – Kuro – Mamuthones – Bonnacons of Doom – H.U.M – Negra Branca – Dwellings – AHRKH – Ayn Sof – Coldnose – Mike Bourne – Nothing is...(Cherrystones/Jamie Paton/Mike Keeling/Chris Reeder) – John O’Carroll & Sam Wiehl visuals

We will be announcing day splits in late January as well as a ltd number of day tickets. But to guarantee entree into this one-off celebration of some of the best and most interesting bands in the so-called world of ‘psych’ right now, you better buy your weekend tickets now.


13 Dec 2017

Skinny reviews Gnod (R&D) Live in Glasgow

It reads:

Remember the good old days, mate?” barks sardonic Gnod vocalist Paddy Shine over a din of frenzied drums and warped electronics. He illuminates: “these are the good old days.” Gnod aren’t a group too concerned with their own immediate past. 

Last time the Salford lot were this far north, they were visibly buzzing off the release of their foaming drone rock mouthful Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine – so much so that the explosive chaos of their set at Glasgow’s Flying Duck seemed to detonate their interest in rock entirely, leaving a fertile clearing for the group’s next incarnation. This time around, Shine and Gnod co-founder Chris Haslam have shed a few 'Gnodheads' to bring their exploratory project on the road as a two-piece – having also acquired two percussionists somewhere along the way – but you could hardly call the results stripped-back...

Read the full review here: The Skinny


Listen to 'Your Escapism' – a Rocket 2017 playlist

To celebrate an amazing year for Rocket Recordings, we have put together a special little playlist of a selection of tracks we released in 2017.

Listen to the 14 track compilation above

Thank you for all your support in 2017, and 2018 our 'twentieth year' is looking like to be our biggest ever year with some quite truly amazing releases to share with you.


Atom Heart Mutha Interviews Gnoomes

Atom Heart Mutha asked Gnoomes some questions about one of their AlHM's Albums of the Year.

It reads:

Atom Heart Mutha...Albums of the Year 2017. Gnoomes - Tschak!

Its great to catch up with you! How are you all? 

Hi John! Great to hear from you, and big thanks again for putting us into your top 10 albums of this year!
We're all good here, our line-up has changed slightly: no dismissals, but a reinforcement. Our vocalist swapped the bass for the guitar, while Masha, our tour-manager, took his place on the bass! We're really excited about this. Looking forward to showing people how it’s sounding.

How has 2017 been for Gnoomes? 

It’s been a great year for the band. We’d say it was the most productive year we’ve ever had yet. First of all, we released our second album ‘Tschak!’ via Rocket Recordings on the March 10th. Secondly, we’d been touring over Switzerland and the UK with this album. Thirdly, there were a few amazing collaborations with the great musicians such as Lorelle Meets The Obsolete, Julie’s Haircut etc. This finally led to a remix album where all tracks from ‘Tschak!’ have been reworked by extraordinary people. It has been released on the December 1st and you can buy a limited tape or the digital version via our Bandcamp page...

Read the full piece here: Atom Heart Mutha


Julie's Haircut and Mamuthones play Berlin Rocket Recordings Night

On their way to the Rocket Recordings Twenty Weekender (tickets here) Julie's Haircut and Mamuthones are stopping off in Berlin for a special Rocket Recordings night:

Urban Spree & el borracho berlin gigs present:
Rocket Recordings Label Mates with:
Julie's Haircut + Mamuthones

Einlass: 19:00 I Beginn: 20:00
8,00€ / 10,00€ 

Info and tickets: Urban Spree


More Rocket albums in End of Year charts

The amount of end of year lists featuring Rocket bands keeps growing.
We are extremely Flattered!!

Here are some more:


Flowers Must Die – Kompost
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Feed the Rats
Both in Raven Sings the Blues AotY list
Raven Sings the Blues 

Julie’s Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin 
No.2 on Reversa Indie
Reversa Indie


Gnod – Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine
No.1 on writers chart and No.14 in the overall Gaffa chart


Shit & Shine – That's Enough
in Fuzzy Sun AotY list
Fuzzy Sun


Flowers Must Die – Kompost
No 10
Julie’s Haircut – Invocation And Ritual Dance Of My Demon Twin 
No 13 – both in the Kosmiche chart on Fast n' Bulbous
Fast n' Bulbous